Teaching and Learning Practices in Secondary Mathematics

Basic Information about the project

The project includes two distinct parts:

  • Surveys for students from Years 7 to 11 (3 times) and also for their mathematics teacher (twice).
  • Case studies in a small number of schools with lesson observations and interviews with students and teachers.

Main data collection will be based on the following activities involving the participants as described below:

  • Students completing during class time, three online questionnaires of about 20-30 minutes each (two during the academic year 2011-12, beggining and towards the end, and one at the beginning of the following academic year)
  • Mathematics teachers completing a 5-10 minute online questionnaire about their teaching with these students at two points (beginning and end of academic year 2011-12)
  • Case study teachers (and their students) will also be observed during mathematics lessons (maximum 4 lessons for each teacher during the year). Observations will be performed in such a way so as not disrupt the lessons. If agreement to video-record the lessons is gained then the camera will just be set once and left at one place to minimise disruption.
  • Case study students who agreed to be interviewed (given consent from their parents) will also take part in one-to-one interviews with the research team at two occasions during the academic year. These interviews will not be expected to take more than 30 minutes each.
  • Case study teachers who agreed to be interviewed will also take part in one-to-one interviews with the research team in regards to their observed lessons and teaching practices in general. The estimated times of theses interviews is 30-40 minutes.

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