Past project activity

Final Report sent to schools (July 2014)

The participating schools got a final report summarising the project results. An example of such a report can be seen here (pdf, 2MB), based on a simulated dataset that makes up School X.

Data Cleaning and Analysis (July 2013)

Data entry is now completed and data are prepared for analysis. Data matching is under way but appears to be time-consuming. Final reporting to schools will have to wait till the next academic year.

Data Point 3 data collection completed (February 2013)

We have finished the survey for the third data point after the Christmas break. Thanks to the schools for their continued participation. We are now entering the data to get them ready for further analysis.

Data Point 3 administration (November 2012)

The last data collection is under way. We are currently collecting survey responses from the students, and we thank all the schools for their continuing engagement.

Data Point 3 survey preparation (August – September 2012)

We are currently preparing the final surveys, which will be administered in the new term.

Data Point 2 data collection completed (July 2012)

We have finished the survey for the second data point during the summer term.
Thanks to the schools for their continued participation. The final survey, Data Point 3, is planned for October.

Preparing reports for schools (March 2012)

We are finalising the structure of a first report for schools on Data Point 1.

Online pupil survey data collection completed (January 2012)

After a few extensions, we have closed data collection for the pupil surveys and look to report to schools some early results from this first data point.

First Advisory Group Meeting (December 2011)

This took place 1st December and provided us with some useful guidance on how to further proceed with the project.

First survey under way (October 2011)

We are currently collecting survey responses for our first data point, and our first Advisory Group meeting is planned for 1st December.

Recruiting for Main study (August 2011)

We are now recruiting schools for the main study. If you are interested in taking part, please contact us (details on the right).

Pilot study: A message for schools (July 2011)

At this stage we are trying to finalise the pilot study to check our questionnaires andvalidate our measures, before the end of this academic year. So, if you would like to ‘test’ this idea in practice, with any number of mathematics classes you want, we would appreciate your feedback. We would also appreciate your responses and feedback on the teacher’s questionnaire.

Want to know more?

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