The team

The following researchers are currently involved with the project.

Maria Pampaka - Project Manager

Maria is a research fellow in the School of Education, and a lecturer of Social Statistics in the School of Social Sciences, at the University of Manchester. Since 2005, she has been working on various projects in relation to mathematics education, mainly focusing on students’ developing dispositions to continue with the study of mathematically demanding subjects and teachers’ practices in mathematics. In her work, she uses both quantitative and qualitative research methods, and her expertise is statistical analysis. Her research interests fall into the broad areas of measurement and assessment, statistical modelling with an emphasis on complex survey designs and analysis, data imputation and dealing with missing data problems. Before completing her postgraduate studies in Manchester, Maria worked as Primary school teacher in Cyprus.
Tel: 0161 275 7213

Lawrence Wo - Research Assistant

Lawrence is a research assistant in the School of Education at the University of Manchester and has worked on mathematics education projects since 1999. His work has been mainly technical, creating/managing websites, surveys, databases, as well as writing, for example, simulations and various scripts to automate the more repetitive tasks or to explore data in projects. Lawrence was studying for his PGCE in Secondary Mathematics before he took up a role in the School of Education.
Tel: 0161 275 3415

Patricio Troncoso Ruiz – Research Assistant

Patricio is a PhD student in Social Statistics at the University of Manchester. Since 2011, he has been working on his research on school effectiveness in Chilean schools. His research work is focused on the methodological challenges of analysing school value-added on Mathematics and Language attainment using complex multilevel models as well as substantively focused on the socio-economic inequalities of the Chilean education system. His research interests are mainly related to the broad areas of Statistics and Education with an emphasis on Multilevel Modelling and educational inequalities. Before starting his PhD, Patricio graduated from the University of La Frontera (Chile) with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology (2007) and graduated from the University of Palermo (Italy) and the University of Deusto (Spain) with a Master's degree in Public Policy (2010).

Afroditi Kalambouka - Research Associate (case studies)

Afroditi Kalambouka (PhD) is a research associate at the University of Manchester. She has been a lead researcher on a number of projects in the area of educational inclusion. Examples include a systematic review of the impact of inclusion on attainment, social and emotional literacy for primary school children and a study of inclusive practice with digital technologies. She has extensive experience with a range of qualitative and quantitative research methods. She has been teaching psychology to Undergraduate students and research methods to Postgraduate students. Other interests include issues on equality, ethnicity, disability and social inclusion.

In the past we have also worked with the following staff.

Sophina Qasim - Research Assistant (case studies)

Sophina is a postgraduate research student at the University of Manchester funded by the Manchester Scholar studentship award. Her research topic of interest is the intersectionality of ethnicity, gender and social class and its role in teaching and learning mathematics tasks in secondary schools specifically focusing on the underachievement of Bangladeshi and Pakistani students in mathematics from a Bourdieusian perspective. Her current research involves carrying out statistical analysis (such as multilevel modeling) on huge databases, ethnographic style case study analysis and socio-cultural theories. Besides research expertise, her work experience also lies in working with secondary school children towards preparation for their GCSE Mathematics exams (in the form of one to one or group tuition – usually based in schools).

David Swanson - Research Assistant (case studies)

David, an experienced mathematics teacher, conducts research on the theory and practice of teaching and learning mathematics centred on understanding. This includes an emphasis on problem solving, dialogue and reflexivity and on mathematical connections, both to real world experience and to other mathematics. Recent projects that David has contributed to include the NCETM's KS3 Multiplicative reasoning project and The Royal Society's Vision for science and mathematics education. He also currently teaches on the PGCE secondary mathematics course at the University of Manchester.

Jane Mortimer - Project Administrator

Jane has worked in an administrative role in the School of Education since 2000. Prior to the Teleprism project, she worked as an administrator for a large DfE project evaluating provision for children with SENs. Current tasks include, for example, arranging meetings, minute taking, co-ordinating employment of casual staff, newsletter design, internet procurement for the School, budget management. She has worked on a distance learning course in learning disabilities. This involved provision of advice to students, support to improve their study skills, organisation of yearly study schools, proof reading and liaison with authors regarding review of course materials. Jane is also a mentor for another member of staff and promotes sustainability initiatives and capability as part of an 'environmental enthusiasts’ team at the university.
Tel: 0161 275 3337 (Mon, Tues, Thurs)

Advisory Group

The team wish to acknowledge the ongoing support of the Advisory Group members:

Dr Rosa Archer
Dr Paul Hernandez-Martinez
Prof. Jeremy Hodgen
Dr Graeme Hutcheson
Dawn Johnson
Dr George Joseph
Dr Konstantinos Kopsidas
Adam Lavin
Sian Morgan
Prof. Andrew Noyes
Prof. Ian Plewis
Elizabeth Race
Geoffrey Wake
Prof. Julian Williams